Saf Ali Khan Arrested Over Assaulting NRI Businessman

Saif Ali Khan is arrested. Police has taken Saif Ali Khan into custody. Saif Ali khan was involved into scuffle with an NRI businessman Iqbal Sharma. If charges can be proved in the court Saif Ali Khan can face a jail term of seven years.

Saif Ali Khan was taken into Mumbai police custody from Nariman Point under section 325 of IPC. Saif Ali Khan had assaulted Iqbal Sharma at a five star hotel. Saif Ali Khan was brought in the Colaba police station through the back door. Saif Ali Khan was at the Colaba police station for questioning.

NRI businessman Iqbal Sharma also claimed that Saif Ali Khan pushed his father-in-law from the stairs. He is astonished that how can Saif behave like this with a senior citizen? Iqbal Sharma is the deputy director general, department of of trade and investment, South Africa. Iqbal Sharma is a well connected person.
Iqbal Sharma also told the police that apart from Saif Ali Khan, two other men who were with Saif also attacked him. These were businessman Shakeel Ladak who is Amrita’s husband, and Bilal Amrohi. Both have been accused in the complaint. Shakeel Ladak and Bilal Amrohi both are good freinds of Saif Ali Khan.

TV reports are saying though Saif Ali Khan is arrested by Colaba police but he will soon be out of police custody and get bail in assaulting an NRI businessman Iqbal Sharma.

Right now its huge media presence at the Colaba police station. Saif ALi Khan’s lawyer’s is expected to address the media. When his layer was seen at the Colaba police station, it was expected that Saif will be arrested soon. There was huge crowd and media at the police station. that’s why Saif Ali Khan was brought to the police station via back door.

Iqbal Mir Sharma too has reached police station. It seems police has been trying to work out a compromise between Iqbal Mir Sharma and Saif Ali Khan over the assault case.

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